Nobody on earth does appreciate the plush feeling of a towel soon after a bath. All towels, including those for the body, face, hair, and hands, are plush and soft. However, after using them for about a month, they wear out and become scratchy. Unfortunately, our towels can feel like clouds one day and turn into sandpaper the next. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to stop this from occurring. To make towels last longer, you only need to implement our advice. 

1. Washing

Towels should be washed once each week or after every third use, at the very least. Typically, towels are washed in a washing machine set to 90 degrees Celsius. Typically, this session runs for three hours. If you do that as well, stop doing it right away! Your towels get "killed" by this. Instead, use cold water to wash them and a minimal amount of liquid laundry detergent. Avoid using fabric softeners and bleachers since they can damage your bath towels. They make them thin, scratchy and worn out. Additionally, wash your towels separately from other materials if you want to avoid them pilling.

2. Towels will last longer if they are adequately dried.

To make your towels soft and fluffy, if you dry them in a dryer, give them a good shake while they are still wet. After that, dry them on low in the dryer. If you want your towels to last longer, never wash or dry them at high temperatures. Additionally, we advise drying your towels outside if you have a yard, deck, or even a tiny balcony. Using drying racks helps guarantee that your towels dry quickly and retain their suppleness. Finally, ensure no moisture is present before folding and storing your towels, regardless of the method you choose to use to dry them.

3. Folding

No one wants to iron their towels, so you don't want to do it. But how can you prevent wrinkles on them? It is simple! Use this technique: when the towel has been well cleaned and dried, lay it flat and smooth any wrinkles with your hands before folding it in thirds and then in half. Towels won't wrinkle if you fold them in this manner. Additionally, this is a terrific towel display concept for any bathroom because it is straightforward, hassle-free, and always attractive. Try it the next time you begin folding towels.

4. Storing

While some prefer to keep all their towels in the bathroom, others prefer to put them in a closet. One thing is essential in both situations: ensure your towel storage area is clean and manageable. If you do so, your towels won't just get wrinkled; they'll also smell unpleasant and possibly start to grow mold and mildew (which can be a health hazard). Instead, make space so your towels can "sit" comfortably wherever they are. Keep a bag of dried lavender next to those towels as well; it will not only extend their lifespan but also improve their smell and protect them from insects.
Be careful when packing and storing your towels, though, if you intend to keep them somewhere for extended periods, such as when migrating. If you are packing yourself, be careful to place your towels in a plastic bag before placing them in a cardboard box. Additionally, unpack them as soon as possible to prevent creases and odors!

5. Hanging

After each usage, you must hand the towels you typically use, whether for your hands or drying off after a shower. Your hand towels will dry more quickly if you hang them properly from a towel bar. If you have an outside space, you should hang your other towels—the ones you use for your face, body, hair, etc.—somewhere outside. If you don't, place them on a drying rack next to your window. Always hanging towels in this manner will prevent mold growth. The sunshine and clean air will also kill microorganisms, keeping you and others safe.

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