4 Pcs Sheet Set

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Your Room's Ambiance with Our 600TC Sheet Set

You can change the setting of your premium room and its things, as it has a minor to major effect on your room’s look mainly the master room of your home. But things might be different from usual when you change the bed dressing which is mainly off course your premium bed sheets.

Bed sheets basically define the atmosphere of your room. Bed sheets according to your taste will enhance the brightness and elegance of your room. Bed sheets that are soft, durable, breathable, and cozy to provide you with better and dreamy sleep are more likely to increase the shelf life of the beauty of your room

Our Products

How You Will Get Them?

Buying premium bed sheets that are more reliable and sustainable is not an easy task. You have to consider several things in your mind when buying them. The size, thread count, manufacturing material, softness, and design patterns are things to consider. Well, we solved this problem for you. As we have well-made and organized bed sheets for you that will transform the environment of your room making it more presentable, vibrant, and elegant

  “We Believe To Make The Right One For You”

Manufacturing Material

Making high-quality material to increase the shelf life of the product is our goal. For the pretty Sheet set, we used 50% of polyester and 50% of high-quality cotton to make the sheet set soft, breathable, cozy, durable, and lightweight. Furthermore, we are providing you with a sheet set that is cotton-rich of high thread count and wrinkle-resistant, adding elegance to your bedroom. As a matter of fact, we are transforming your casual timing of bedding into the dreamiest, most pleasurable, and restful one. Size is another decisive factor to consider when buying a sheet set. The sheet set should be the same size as the bed so it would be the best fit for your bed.


Fabric, Care, and Size

⦁ 50% polyester, 50% high-quality cotton
⦁ Soft, breathable, cozy, durable, lightweight
⦁ High thread count, wrinkle-resistant, perfect fit

⦁ King: 1 Flat Sheet (275 cm X 275 cm), 1 Fitted Sheet (150 x 200 x 30 cm), 2 Pillowcases (50 x 75 cm)
⦁ Double: 1 Flat Sheet (230 cm X 275 cm), 1 Fitted Sheet (140 x 190 x 30 cm), 2 Pillowcases (50 x 75 cm)
⦁ Single: 1 Flat Sheet (180 cm X 275 cm), 1 Fitted Sheet (90 x 190 x 30 cm), 2 Pillowcases (50 x 75 cm)

⦁ Avoid drying in direct sunlight to prevent color fading.
⦁ Use lower temperatures to preserve fabric softness.
⦁ Do not iron.
⦁ Do not dry clean.
⦁ Avoid tumble drying.
⦁ Do not bleach; rinse well.
⦁ Machine wash in cold water.
⦁ Wash dark colors separately.
⦁ Quick drying and suitable for various detergents.

Key Features of Our Quilt Cover Sets

⦁ Crafted from high-quality polycotton fabric
⦁ Super soft, lightweight, comfortable, and luxurious
⦁ Breathable and durable for daily and casual use
⦁ Eco-friendly with a vibrant color palette
⦁ Hypoallergenic for a comfortable night’s sleep
⦁ 600TC thread count for exceptional quality
⦁ Wrinkle-resistant sheet set
⦁ High-strength construction